PJL Targets offers 25 models for customizable targets
for your shooting training sessions.


PJL Targets is the only one to create human-shaped targets looking as cartoon characters. Today more than ever, it is important to get trained in conditions that reflect real situations and our products are exactly meant to meet this need.

Men, women, children, PJL targets do involve a large variety of profiles in order to increase the levels of difficulty in your shooting sessions. These are mainly designed for law enforcement officers, the label "for law enforcement only" appears on each of them.

Marketed in the late 70's, the current models were designed and achieved with the involvement of many big names in the world of comics.

The distinctive feature of this unique product, in addition to its original aesthetics, is in the opportunity to customize each target.You can add various objects and accessories in the hands or on the faces of your opposing party, as well as legs, in order to give a more realistic appearance.


You can choose between 25 different models for paper targets as well as several overlay sets in order to customize all your targets.

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PJL Targets works with
several distributors at an
international level,
mainly in Europe.

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Our products

PJL Targets offers a variety of customizable models.

The distinctive feature, compared to conventional targets, is the high degree of realism. It's no longer question of shooting on vaguely human targets, but on a realistic opponent with a body and a face. The illusion goes even deeper and you can find various models: men, women and children.

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